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Photos latex stockings

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We show you some photos of our real seamed latex stockings

Genuine hold - up latex stockings

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hold-up latex stockings

Latex stockings 0.25 mm with an hold-up ribbon of siliconised black stretch lace. New AG NAHTSTRUMPF latex stocking!
This siliconised lace is normally used for well-known hold-up nylon stockings. We are using this for our latex stockings now 8-). An excellent solution. The rest of our latex stockings remains as it was... backside seamline made by an 50th nylons - sewing - machine, excellent pattern for your stockings. And the special perfect - fit - pattern at the foot section of course.

latex stockings two fits are better than one

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Picture latex stockings and high heels

Do you have some difficulties when tightening your latex stockings? Is it too hard to put them over your feet? We have an solution... maybe

Our made - to - measure latex stockings are available in two fits. Made - to - measure and two fits? How does it work?

We draw an personal pattern - until here nothing special... now it's your choice you have got two options

Regular fit stockings: tighter fit. Less wrinkles at ankles and feet, more difficult to apply [this fit you will see at picture above]

Worn nylon stockings for sale

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Fully fashioned seamed stockings and stockings welt,

Buy my worn vintage original nylon stockings

Do you love it - feet, high heels, flats, nylon stockings - and naturally the beautiful legs of the women, who wore them. Lilly offer here only worn to order stockings she does not sell nylons from the garbage bag.

Are you interested in buying well worn stockings, worn by Lilly Svart? Lilly sells her used nylons - but all stockings are worn to order only


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