AG Nahtstrumpf gallery: free photos models in fully fashioned seamed stockings and latex stockings. We show only real nylons.
All pics are under creative commons license!



Model Lilly Svart in her real seamed nylons


The Maid I - XXIV 18

The Last Maid Of The Maid I - XXIV 2

The last photo of our 'The Maid' - serie 2016. 'The Maid' is our Insta-like flood of pics. Quick, klick, publish, forget.

Model: Lilly Svart

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Stockings: at this picture CERVIN Havana fully fashioned seamed

Stockings in the serie: CERVIN Havana & TOUCHABLE Full Contrast

The Maid I - XXIV 15

The Mail XXIV

Touchable ff seamed stockings

The Maid I - XXIV 14

Model: Lilly Svart
Stockings: Touchable fully fashioned seamed stockings 'Paris'
Nylons: echte Nahtnylons made by Touchable UK
Heels: Jimmy Choo
Lilly trägt eine originale KellnerinnenSchuerze aus den 30er Jahren


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