Yipeee! With an new name, but they are back Magnolia – ff stockings!

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ELEGANTI European heel stockings

The british onlinestore Stockings-HQ send an newsletter in march: “European Heel, new stocking made bei ELEGANTI, Made in USA”

Jap, hope it’s true! We orderd two pairs an be full of hope. Hope, that we find an kind of Magolia ff seamed stockings – an well formed heel and the monofil – non – stretchy yarn. MAGNOLIA stopped their produktion end of year 2005 due an huge demage of the machine. MAGNOLIA ff seamed stockings used an similar yarn like the CERVIN stockings - an monofil yarn, different from ELEGANTI or GIO. They use an polyfil yarn. During the 50th, the monofil yarn were the most used for stockings.

The result of your test is: yeaaaaa, these new ELEGANTI stockings are an kind of MAGNOLIA –stockings. Produced in USA and THEY HAVE GOT THE MONOFIL – YARN! In this case, they are like the most vintage original stockings by using the typical, little hard, yarn. If you don’t know what I mean: the new stockings have the feel of CERVIN ff stockings.
We did also an comparsion in sizing of the original MAGNOLIA –ff’s and the ELEGANTI ff’s. All stockings in size ‘M’.

Test sizing: if you using ELEGANTIS size M in past: it's an good option to order the new European Heel in size M also.

Model is 1,76 meter, european shoes size 39 an have got slim legs. Please see the attached pictures.

3 comments on "Yipeee! With an new name, but they are back Magnolia – ff stockings!"

Submitted by Daniel Whitsett (not verified) on Fri, 01/07/2016 - 14:29

Dear AG Backseam,

My name is Daniel Whitsett, I am the Founder and President of Secrets In Lace. I want to thank you for the kind review or our New Vintage European Heel Stockings made in our factory in the United States. The samples you reviewed from the Stockings HQ site were Seconds (Imperfects) so there were flaws in the construction that will not be found in the First Quality products sold on both our US and EU websites (secretsinlace.com and secretsinlace.eu) under the Secrets In Lace Brand.

As you know we acquired the old Magnolia Factory in 2010 and have been on a very long process of refurbishing the Reading Full Fashioned machines which had not produced stockings since 2005. This kind of project is very difficult as the expertise to work on these unique machines is limited and not readily available. The expense is substantial; even replacing needles is expensive as there are over 12,000 in one machine.

Secrets In Lace has been committed to the production and design of Full Fashioned Stockings since 1984 and over the past 32 years we have helped all but one factory to develop Full Fashioned and Reinforced Heel and Toe products with our financial resources and design expertise. This investment has lead to our second acquisition in 2015 when we purchased the United Kingdom factory known for producing the Eleganti Brand. We are also making improvements in this factory and have rebranded the products “Eleganti by Secrets In Lace”

The mono-filament yarn used in our Vintage European Heel is a classic vintage yarn and you will see more of this yarn coming from both our United States and United Kingdom factories in the future. We also use this yarn in the production of other Secrets In Lace products such as our Jana Sheer Heel and Toe, Cassandra and Elana Sheer Heel and Toe plus our Signature Reinforced Heel and Toe stockings. There are several good video clips on the Secrets In Lace FaceBook page that describes most all of our stockings https://www.facebook.com/secretsinlace/videos

If you have questions regarding our products please feel free to contact our Public Relations Director (Eva) at pr@secretsinlace.com

If you wish to join our weekly newsletter to stay up to date on product announcements by completing the enrollment at the bottom right of our website For US and North America http://www.secretsinlace.com
For EU and UK http://www.secretsinlace.eu


Daniel J Whitsett
Secrets In Lace Retail Group

Submitted by agnahtstrumpf_admin on Sun, 03/07/2016 - 17:14

Dear Mr. Daniel Whitsett,
thank you so much for your detailed mail and your explanations of background regarding the acquisition of Eleganti and Magnolia. By the way - I have to correct some facts in my articles ;).
We love the monofil ff-stockings! Thank you for saving of the old machines and the two factorys in the US and in the UK.
That's absolutely good news that more monofil stockings come in future. Maybe also the Eleganti Paris? We will se...

Thank you again
AG Nahtstrumpf

Submitted by Moby (not verified) on Tue, 18/07/2017 - 04:23

Yes, Secrets in Lace has purchased the machinery to begin making the original Magnolia stockings. They are identified as "Vintage Euro Heel". I contacted SIL about availability. They said hopefully they will be available by the end of 2017. They are having difficulties with production at this time.

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