Latex Stockings - Lace Top Hold-Ups latex stockings

lace top hold-up latex stockings

They are born in May 2015: bespoke lace-top hold-up latex stockings

Latex stockings 0.2 mm with an hold-up ribbon of siliconised black stretch lace. New AG NAHTSTRUMPF latex stocking!
This siliconised lace is normally used for well-known hold-up nylon stockings. We are using this for our latex stockings now 8-). An excellent solution. The rest of our latex stockings remains as it was... backside seamline made by an 50th nylons - sewing - machine, excellent pattern for your stockings. And the special perfect - fit - pattern at the foot section of course.

Also available in two fits!

Regular fit stockings: tighter fit. Less wrinkles at ankles and feet, more difficult to apply

Comfort fit stockings: slightly wider cut. More wrinkles at ankles and feet but high wearing comfort and easy putting-on.

Why this? Latex stockings have become popular lately. Nearly all new some customers love their latex stockings, some customers ask about an option to simplify donning. Our two fit - options could be an solution for you.