Model Lilly Svart in her real seamed nylons



Latex stockings: AG Nahtstrumpf bespoke only

Photo: AG Nahtstrumpf

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

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Photo: AG Nahtstrumpf

Latex stockings: AG Nahtstrumpf

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Latex stockings : AG Nahtstrumpf Made To Measure

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

The Maid I - XXIV 18

The Last Maid Of The Maid I - XXIV 2

The last photo of our 'The Maid' - serie 2016. 'The Maid' is our Insta-like flood of pics. Quick, klick, publish, forget.

Model: Lilly Svart

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Stockings: at this picture CERVIN Havana fully fashioned seamed

Stockings in the serie: CERVIN Havana & TOUCHABLE Full Contrast


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