Testing the durability of our latex stockings

By agnahtstrumpf_admin / On Aug.09.2014 / In Latex stockings Latexstrümpfe / Width 0 Comments

latex stockinged feet in high heels, tested latex stockings

Did you ever heard about an trial of latex stockings? No?

We started such an kind of field test in year 2012 after starting sewing 0.25 mm latex stockings. Regular latexstockings are glued or molded – but our stockings are sewn. After an main modification of reinforcement of the seamline in summer 2012 the motto was 'Durable or not durable, that's the question'.
We did an funny test first. An excellent test track we found near to Idre in Sweden. An short mountain hike shold show us the durablity quick. 
What more can I say? The test was perfect: latex stockings and seam after mountain hike in excellent condition!

Lesson 2: long terme trail winter 2013. We checked how many hours at leg and feet and how many kilometers they are resistant? An funny trail too  
Here is the result – after 265 hours an more than 60 Kilometers an small pebble inside the shoes killed the latex an stopped the trail... 
What do you think? An good result?

... the pic of unpolished latex stockings: the test sample before final demolition

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