Price increase for latex stockings

By agnahtstrumpf_admin / On Apr.03.2019 / In Latex stockings / Width 0 Comments

AG Nahtstrumpf latex stockings

Tax, tax, tax

At first we made these stockings only for friends and acquaintances. They were first worn at Wave-Gotik-Treffen Leipzig and at fetish parties and so on.... We have customers all over the world now and making our real seamed latex stockings is fun!

For our AG Nahtstrumpf latex stockings there is unfortunately a very, very long waiting list at the moment. We can't accept all orders at the moment. We are so sorry for this! But I have a regular job as an engineer, and the sewing of latex stockings are a side job only. Unfortunately I have to pay the full tax rate on my work now. For this reason, there will be a price adjustment.

Our new price is: 137,50 €

Real hold-up laytex stockings med siliconized lace band: 166,50 €

Real seamed latex stockings in 0,2 mm

Made to measure only

The pattern of real ff seamed nylons

This stockings consist of only one part

Our stockings have an fully formed closed footpart

Footpart is also made to measure

Two anti-vacuum hole in every stocking, anti-vakuum hole is reinforced

The stocking-top is reinforced

Made in Europe


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